17 Jun 1953

Another historic day of 2 German States after WW2 and the uprising of the Bln people against Soviet Tanks!

Later same story in Hungary!

And Prague! Now in the Ukraine!

The Volksaufstand in East Berlin on June 17, 1953, was a significant uprising against the government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). It began with strikes by construction workers in East Berlin on June 16, protesting against work quotas during the Sovietization process. The next day, the demonstrations escalated into a widespread uprising involving over one million people across about 700 localities in the country.

The protesters demanded political and economic changes, including the resignation of the government, free elections, and the release of all political prisoners. The uprising was marked by a wave of strikes, mass demonstrations, and political protests. It was one of the largest revolutionary movements in Germany’s history and had a profound impact on the long-term development of the GDR.

The Soviet Union responded by sending troops to suppress the uprising, resulting in violent clashes and numerous casualties. The event is remembered as a pivotal moment in German history and is commemorated as Tag der Deutschen Einheit (Day of German Unity) in Germany.

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