My wife Maria Ines is the Love Of My Life.

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Casa da Vov贸 in Burleigh is a nurturing and creative haven for Brazilian children aged 3 to 7 years. Located in the serene neighborhood of Burleigh Heads, Queensland, this bilingual day care operates from a cozy private house. 馃彙

Key Features:

  • Love and Art: At Casa da Vov贸, children receive abundant love and artistic inspiration. The owner, a Brazilian art teacher, infuses creativity into every moment.
  • Laughter and Play: The atmosphere resonates with laughter and playfulness, fostering a joyful learning environment.
  • Safety First: Casa da Vov贸 prioritizes safety, ensuring a secure family setting for your little ones.

If you’re seeking a warm and enriching space for your child, look no further than Casa da Vov贸 in Burleigh. 馃専

For more information, visit their Facebook page. 馃摬.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/2/2024

She was born in Rio Brazil living her life in Niteroi, while I grew up in the middle of Holstein in the country, where people lived from their chucks and geese and gardens and land.


My mother and father both came from small farms which could hardly provide enough food for survival, those were the days, my friend, long ago – like living on another planet.

The gist of this story is in a nutshell: Maria Ines and myself met at the Gold Coast in QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA in the year 2004, and …. YES …. we were brave enough, though born 1949 and 1951, to start another life – let us call this our THIRD LIFE.

You are born and grow up until you finish your training and education and start a family. This is your FIRST LIFE.

Then you work hard and harder, both of you, to make ends meet and your dream and priority is pretty clear: Family FIRST, this is your SECOND LIFE.

And then, your children are around 20 years of age and find their own pathway into life and start their career and have children and you look at yourself and into the mirror: All of a sudden you have become grandparents, the beginning of your THIRD LIFE.

This little background tale is more or less, what most people in different countries and different cultures go through and then they die – over – this was your Life.

Every life of humans is a 100% life and individually unique – the LIFE WE LIVE UNTIL WE ARE GONE. In numbers and math: 24 h per day times 7 times 52 is one Year.

Times 100 lived in health and toil without too much hardship and suffering with daily ups and downs would be the best you can achieve until you die.

My mother Annita is now 97 yrs old and nearly blind, but when visiting her in Germany north of Hamburg in July / August 2023, she was singing in her wheel chair and discussing with me the PARTY of her LIFETIME – 17th of September 2026. She would then reach 100 and her life will then be a good and successful and 100% LIFE – nothing left to wish for, ready to leave us behind wishing us from the bottom of her heart success and only the best.

My mother and my father – both country folks – can be called straight shooters – no lies, very hard workers and more or less very happy and no regrets.

More to come here soon … (if you like this, just come back and bookmark this site) AUTHOR: Peter H Bloecker

Casa Da Vovo Party in November 2023 near Burleigh BEACH, Queensland Australia

Maria Ines, mother of four beautiful girls, now 71 years old with childen and parents and grandparents celebrating another year of Bilingual Child Care at our house at the Gold Coast (Small Business).

Maria Ines in Rio and 19 years old | Credit phb
Maria Ines today | Credit phb

Maria Ines | Credit phb
Beautiful Maria Ines | Credit phb
Casa Da Vovo in Action | Credit phb
Family First | Credit phb
Family First | Credit phb
With Maria Ines Gold Coast QLD | Credit phb
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