Behind the curtains

List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain.

And old metaphor of toilet when shower and toilet were separated by curtains …

99% on the net is trash and should be trashed soon.

Accidents happen because of lack of coffee and sleep and other reasons | do not drink Schnaps when driving…

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Music Is The Language




Transport (Volkswagen)

Das Auto

ALDI | Good | Different



Author P H Bloecker

Walking Beaches

Silence is golden





Frantz (Film) 2016 | Manet Louvre Suicide Painting

Actor Paula Beer | Director Francois Ozon

The scene where Anna takes the train to France, with the locomotive shown diagonally from left to right, is visually and symbolically significant.

Symbolism and Visual Impact

  • Transition and Movement: The diagonal framing of the train emphasizes movement and transition. It visually represents Anna’s journey from her past in Germany to an uncertain future in France. This movement signifies her attempt to leave behind her grief and seek closure or new beginnings.
  • Dynamic Composition: The diagonal composition creates a dynamic and dramatic visual effect. It draws the viewer’s eye across the screen, enhancing the sense of urgency and emotional intensity of Anna’s journey.
  • Breaking Boundaries: The diagonal line can also symbolize breaking free from the constraints of her current life. It suggests a departure from the static, grief-stricken existence she has been living, moving towards potential healing and reconciliation.

Atmospheric and Emotional Context

  • Emotional Turmoil: The train journey is a pivotal moment for Anna, filled with emotional turmoil and hope. The dramatic framing underscores the significance of this decision and the emotional weight it carries.
  • Historical Context: Trains in the early 20th century were a primary means of long-distance travel, symbolizing progress and connection between distant places. This historical context adds to the authenticity and period feel of the film.


Review von Roger Ebert

SBS On Demand / Frantz (2016)



Joan of Arc



Songs Of Love And Hate

“Joan of Arc” by Leonard Cohen is a hauntingly beautiful song from his 1971 album Songs of Love and Hate. The lyrics depict a dialogue between Joan of Arc and the fire that consumes her, symbolizing her martyrdom and spiritual journey.

Now the flames they followed Joan of Arc

As she came riding through the dark

No moon to keep her armor bright

No man to get her through this very smoky night …


Bob Dylan directly references Joan of Arc in his song “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.” In this song, he includes the line:

I met a young woman whose body was burning …

This line is widely interpreted as a reference to Joan of Arc, who was burned at the stake.

Dylan uses this imagery to evoke powerful and tragic historical events, blending them into his broader narrative of social and political turmoil.

Source: Conversation with Copilot, 15/07/2024

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Peter H Bloecker


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My Boots

What’s the oldest thing you own that you still use daily?

They are made for walking, and I bought them 20 years ago!

Had to replace the sole three times, but hand made and weekly polished, these boots are made for Life

Keep on Walking, boots …

From Gold Coast QLD with my best wishes


P H Bloecker

My Aussie Brazilian Family | Credit phb
From my Bookshelf | Credit phb


What fears have you overcome and how?

German Angst is more than fear … It is existential Anxiety or Lebensangst.

What exactly means Angst and how do we deal with Angst?

Donald Trump – convicted Criminal and next POTUS? Macht das Angst?

Climate Change – Macht das Angst?

Disruptions – Machen sie Angst?

Krisen und Inflation – Machen sie Angst?

Die News ab 20 Uhr – Machen sie Angst?

Vom Umgang mit der Angst oder leben mit der Angst:

More here soon …

Krisen und Orientierung


Author: P H Bloecker





With my Wife and young Guest
With my Aussie Mates
Bobs Having Pizza $ Burger
Seafood Pizza with Aussie Mates
4 X and another Burleigh Old Boy

Bobs are Outrigger Canu Club Members.

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Peter H Bloecker


My Aussie Brazilian Grandchildren | Credit phb
Rural Miami QLD | Credit phb


How would you improve your community?

As an educator for more than 35 years and now retired at the Gold Coast, my advice is never teach someone.

Just set up conditions, so that people learn on their own and help each other.

There is nothing like Family First, then friends and a good neighbourhood plus community.

And always go local first and for everything, like small business and local Heroes and more …

This is more my Aussie view since 2012 in my Third Life.

More about my childhood and youth (1st life) and 2nd life in the Link


Peter Hanns On The Move …

From the Gold Coast in Australia

Kindly yours

Peter H Blocker


Burleigh Beach | Credit phb
High Rise Constructions Burleigh Head | Credit phb
Tweed Marina | Credit phb
Tweed Marina | Credit phb
Tweed Marina | Credit phb

Understanding Franz Kafka via SZ App


Found on Word Genius

While “mezzanine” is primarily used to describe architecture, “mezzanine financing,” in the financial realm, is capital that has both debt and equity features. Just like a mezzanine floor sits between the ground and first floors, this type of lending falls between more traditional types of financing.

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