This site is about TRUE LOVE and WE ARE FAMILY.

True Love never fades

True love is not a fleeting passion’s fire

That burns and fades with time and circumstance.

True love is like a steady flame that higher

And brighter grows with every loving glance.

True love is not a bond that can be broken

By death or distance or by change of heart.

True love is like a vow that once is spoken

Remains forever fixed and does not part.

True love is not a gift that can be taken

By force or fraud or by some cruel fate.

True love is like a treasure that is shaken

From heaven’s hand and makes us rich and great.

True love is what a mother feels for daughter

And what a father feels for son.

True love is what we cherish and we honor

And what we hope to share with everyone.


Mother And Daughter

True Love Will Never Fade …

Maria Ines in Rio 19 years of age | The Love Of My Life | Credit phb

Family of my Father Johann D Bloecker | Credit phb
My Mother in Germany born 1926 | Credit phb
Family 20 Aug 2022 | Credit phb
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