Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

I have decided to keep my desk tidy and neat and clean: And one place in my house, where I can read and relax and think! This is the place where I feel happy in the evening before I go to sleep …

And a daily routine:

What was good today?

What went not so good? Anything I could do or change my atomic habits?

Can I do better tomorrow?

Have I smiled at someone I do not know or hugged my wife or a child? Made a difference?

Any lesson learnt?

Kindly yours from an ex High School Teacher now retired and nearly 75 years old …

Peter H Bloecker and wife Casa Da Vovo Burleigh Gold Coast

Casa Da Vovo Burleigh QLD | Lunch Break |Credit phb
Pacific Ocean and Fishing | Credit phb

Happiness Report 2024

The fascinating world of happiness.

  1. The Harvard Study of Adult Development:
    • One of the longest-running studies on happiness, this project has followed 724 men since they were teenagers in 1938. Approximately 60 men, now in their 90s, are still part of the study.
    • The researchers found that specific traits and behaviors were linked with increased levels of happiness:
    • Take inspiration from this study: Revisit activities that made you happy in your youth. Sing, play games, pursue hobbies—life is short, and happiness awaits!
  2. World Happiness Report 2024:
  3. Science of Happiness:

In a nutshell, happiness is a journey, and it’s within your mindset plus own power to cultivate it.

Have a happy weekend

Author P H Bloecker


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Burleigh Markets

Pfingsten in Deutschland, ein normales WE in Australien.

Aber sonnig und warm trotz Winter, haben wir beide den Vormittag auf dem Village Markt verbracht, Craft und Handwerk und mehr …


Nachmittags dann bis 15 Uhr im Botanischen Garten Gold Coast mit viel Sonne und Winter gleich 23 Grad! Früh dunkel ab 17 Uhr und langer Abend.

Mein Bericht mit Bildern vom Tag hier …


Frohe Pfingsten in D wünschen allen yours with our best wishes

Peter mit Maria Ines

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