Good morning, world …

Had a good sleep & now 23 degrees C in the morning: 06:40

Life is good at the sunny Gold Coast, indeed!

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Picked up my caravan last night from a Farm!

Two great hours with my Aussie Mate (his car and caravan above) …

and off we go again: Next Camping Weekend ahead …

Carpe Diem!

From OZ

Kindly yours

Peter & Maria Ines

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Nomen Est Omen (Latin)

Meaning of Peter

Meaning of Maria

Meaning of Ines

Just ask Copilot a few questions like …

The background and deeper Meaning of My Name.

What is Omen?

More here soon …

Blogger and Author Peter H Bloecker

Updated on Sun 3 Mar 2024

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The name “intrepid campers” refers to people who are adventurous, brave, and fearless when it comes to camping and outdoor activities. They are typically unafraid to explore the wilderness, take risks, and face challenges that come with outdoor living, such as unpredictable weather conditions, wildlife encounters, and physical demands. These individuals are often well-prepared with the necessary gear and skills to navigate and survive in the great outdoors of Australia or Africa.

I would call myself an outdoor enthusiast looking for adventures and have worked in Windhoek Namibia until 1994 and have travelled the South of Africa over 6 long years (working at the DHPS – one of the oldest German Schools in the world).

Having retired now as a High School Teacher in North Germany, I have lived at the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia since 2012.

From 1998 until 2005 I lived in Brisbane QLD and worked for Education Queensland and the German Goethe – Institut in the function of the German Language Adviser being on leave in Lower Saxony Germany for 7 years.

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Flyer Intrepid Campers | credit phb
Flyer Intrepid Campers | Credit phb
Flyer Intrepid Campers | Credit phb

Intrepid Campers – Website – Company

Intrepid Campers – Camping without a hitch

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Active Campers Website – Company

Home | Active Campers

“Active campers” refers to people who enjoy camping and outdoor activities that involve physical exertion and movement. They may participate in activities such as hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, and other similar pursuits. They enjoy exploring and experiencing nature through physical activity and may seek out destinations that offer opportunities for adventure and challenge.

While “intrepid campers” may also engage in these activities, the term specifically implies a sense of fearlessness and willingness to take risks. In contrast, “active campers” may simply enjoy the physical and mental benefits of outdoor activities without necessarily seeking out the most extreme challenges.

With my best wishes from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia


Peter H Bloecker


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Seen at Crystal Castle | Credit phb

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Peter loves the Stones


More like this – my site REM

Spitzkoppe Namibia | Credit phb
Marienfluss Namibia | Credit phb

Read as well On Hesse – Steppenwolf and more …

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Storyteller Overland RAM


With my brother Jens B | Farm in Namibia | Credit phb

Just found the Capstone Hybrid Off Road Caravan – Victoria OZ.


Another idea I have been following for the last few years:

Any second hand 4×4 like Volkswagen or Sprinter and customised solutions for Camping: Would design my own van, but find people in the area who can advise and help. Lots of solutions on the net, Australia, Europe and USA or Asia.

My priority would be: Simple camping outside the van and no heayy furniture because of the weight.

If in need of luxury, I would rent a good Hotel room.

The latest Absurdity of Vanities:

The largest Ocean Cruiser with Gas powered engines and 7500 passengers and many restaurants and pools and shops.

What I am after is a bush camp and a toilet and a very good camp fire to fry my eggs, meat and boil my water for tea.

Kindly yours from the Gold Coast (heaps of heavy rain here since Christmas 2023)


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