Thinking and Languages

Just imagine these thoughts here connected with German and Russian or Chinese … Would there still be wars in the world? Having read NOAM CHOMSKY and …

Thinking and Languages
Credit phb at Casa, Burleigh QLD
Winter Garden GC QLD OZ | Credit phb
Screenshot phb | Beispiel Handwerk und Tradition in Deutschland am Beispiel The Knife, Solingen | FAZ
Screenshot FAZ Franz Guede | Credit phb
Screenshot phb
Winter at the Gold Coast | Credit phb

Posted on a quiet winter day in QLD Australia Gold Coast on Sat 15 Jun 2024

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Peter H Bloecker


Miami Murals Gold Coast | Credit phb
Miami Marketta Night Markets | Credit phb
Credit phb
Murals near our home Gold Coast ~ Credit phb

‘Anatomy Of A Fall’ A Great Film With A Career Best For Sandra Huller

Watching Sandra Huller, the main character at the heart of Anatomy of a Fall, makes me more upset that Emma Stone beat her and Lily Gladstone out for…

‘Anatomy Of A Fall’ A Great Film With A Career Best For Sandra Huller
View from Kitchen Window | Gold Coast at Casa Da Vovo Burleigh QLD | Credit phb
Marketta Market Miami Gold Coast | Credit phb
Mural at Miami Gold Coast OZ | Credit phb
Credit phb | With my Grandchildren

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