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    Anne Evans, (1820–1870) The summer sward is somewhat hardMethinks as here I lie;Yet here I stay, because I loveTo look into the sky,To place behind me for a whileThe world and all its ill.And gaze into the space of space,How pure, and O, how still! Place My Home Time Sun 21 Jul 2024 08:42 Thank […]
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    List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain. And old metaphor of toilet when shower and toilet were separated by curtains … 99% on the net is trash and should be trashed soon. Accidents happen because of lack of coffee and sleep and other reasons | do not drink Schnaps when driving… More via […]

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One of my good friends recommended this product to protect my motorcycle:

ACF-50 is widely regarded as a valuable investment for protecting motorcycles from corrosion. It’s designed to create an ‘Active’ ultra-thin clear film that not only kills any existing corrosion cells but also prevents new corrosion from forming¹³. Here’s a summary of its benefits:

  • Corrosion Prevention: ACF-50 is specifically formulated to combat corrosion, repelling moisture and preventing oxidation and rust¹.
  • Long-Term Protection: One application in less exposed areas can last up to 12 months, although more exposed areas may require more frequent application³.
  • Versatility: It can be used on most parts of the motorcycle, except brakes, seats, footpegs, and foot pedals².
  • Maintenance of Resale Value: By keeping your motorcycle in pristine condition, ACF-50 helps maintain its resale value¹.

While ACF-50 came second to XCP’s products in some tests, many riders continue to swear by its effectiveness². The consensus among users is that ACF-50 is a cost-effective solution for long-term maintenance and protection of motorcycles, especially if you’re riding in conditions that expose your bike to the elements.

As I am interested in maintaining my motorcycle in top condition, ACF-50 seems to be a product worth checking out!

Source: Conversation with Copilot, 6/7/2024
(1) ACF 50 Review: Step-by-Step Guide for Maximum Motorcycle Protection ….
(2) Scooter – ACF 50.
(3) Tried and tested: ACF-50 corrosion preventer review – Motorcycle News.
(4) for Your Bike – Lear Chem.

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Read more about Ozwords:

Kel Richards’ Ozword of the Day: “Woke revisited” 

I still get requests to explain the word ‘Woke’ and why it matters. 

As for what it means—that is not a puzzle. I’ve explained in the past that the word ‘Woke’ came out of black American slang meaning ‘alert’ or ‘aware of what’s really going on.’ 

It was then adopted by the politically correct wider population with the same meaning. It was used (somewhat arrogantly, if you like) to mean that they (and they alone) were ‘awake’ to what really matters, while the rest of us are just dozing through life, unaware. 

But has it been overused? Should we now drop it? 

A good friend and colleague of mine suggests the word ‘Woke’ has been worked to death as a label for the trendy elite, and it’s time we gave up on it. So, why don’t we? Why do people still use ‘Woke’ to label those people who want to change society? 

I think I have finally worked out the answer. The people who think of themselves as ‘Woke’ are the enemies of freedom. Does that sound like a big call? Let me explain. 

The sort of freedom I am talking about is what Os Guiness calls ‘soul freedom’ (in his book The Global Public Square, IVP Books, 2013). By ‘soul freedom’ he means: ‘freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, and freedom of belief.’ 

So, do you think the angry protestors at the pro-Palestinian rallies want the rest of us to have those freedoms? Do the trans-activists want us to have to freedoms? Do those people who push the ‘cancel culture’ trying to drive people out of the public square really want everyone to have those freedoms? Of course not! 

The ‘Woke’ are people who believe THEY should have ‘freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, freedom of belief’—but that YOU should not. Because they are right, and you are wrong. 

More importantly, they think you are morally wrong. You are morally inferior to them. Which means that you have no right to freedom of thought, or freedom of conscience, or freedom of belief. Instead, your freedoms should be taken away, and you should be guided by them. 

That is why this now tired word ‘Woke’ still matters. That’s why we need to keep using this word ‘Woke’ to label the enemies of our freedoms. 

If we don’t, we’ll lose those freedoms to their dictatorship!

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