17 Jun 1953

Another historic day of 2 German States after WW2 and the uprising of the Bln people against Soviet Tanks!

Later same story in Hungary!

And Prague! Now in the Ukraine!

The Volksaufstand in East Berlin on June 17, 1953, was a significant uprising against the government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). It began with strikes by construction workers in East Berlin on June 16, protesting against work quotas during the Sovietization process. The next day, the demonstrations escalated into a widespread uprising involving over one million people across about 700 localities in the country.

The protesters demanded political and economic changes, including the resignation of the government, free elections, and the release of all political prisoners. The uprising was marked by a wave of strikes, mass demonstrations, and political protests. It was one of the largest revolutionary movements in Germany’s history and had a profound impact on the long-term development of the GDR.

The Soviet Union responded by sending troops to suppress the uprising, resulting in violent clashes and numerous casualties. The event is remembered as a pivotal moment in German history and is commemorated as Tag der Deutschen Einheit (Day of German Unity) in Germany.

Haus der Geschichte



Coming home

Who would you like to talk to soon?

My mother and my two sisters in Northern Germany and my son and grandson and my best friends .. just booked my annual flight to the True North of Germany, between Baltic and North Sea and Hamburg and Denmark. Nothing like Homecomings once per year .. if possible.

From Gold Coast in QLD with our best wishes and kind regards


Peter and Maria Ines


Update on Fri at 15:52 Local Time

24 May 2024

My Mother now 97 | Credit phb
Perfect Winter Sun now without the Bamboo Screen | Credit phb

Good morning from tropical QLD Australia!

View from my deck with an early morning coffee and the weekend approaching fast!!!

With my best wishes and greetings kindly yours

P H Bloecker with Maria Ines

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Rerik | Ostsee

Great weekend with my sister Antje in Rerik Baltic Sea

Truly Northern yours

P H Bloecker

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Church Rerik | Credit phb

Rollmops | Pickled Herring

Rollmops are a traditional appetizer from Berlin, Germany, consisting of pickled herring fillets that are rolled around ingredients such as gherkins, onion rings, or green olives¹². They are usually eaten cold, on their own or with bread, and are often served as part of a hangover breakfast². Rollmops are a way to preserve and transport fish, especially during meatless periods like Lent². They became popular in the 19th century, when the railway network allowed the herring from the North and Baltic seas to reach the interior of Germany².

Rollmops are considered a culinary experience by some people, who enjoy the tangy and salty flavor of the pickled fish and the crunchy texture of the vegetables. They are also a part of the German cultural heritage, as they reflect the history and geography of the country. Rollmops can be found in many supermarkets, delis, and pubs in Germany, as well as in other countries like England and Poland¹². Some people like to make their own rollmops at home, using fresh or frozen herring and their preferred fillings and seasonings³⁴..

Source: Conversation with Bing, 08/01/2024
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Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss ideas of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770 – 1831) on history.

Hegel, one of the most influential of the modern philosophers, described history as the progress in the consciousness of freedom, asking whether we enjoy more freedom now than those who came before us. To explore this, he looked into the past to identify periods when freedom was moving from the one to the few to the all, arguing that once we understand the true nature of freedom we reach an endpoint in understanding. That end of history, as it’s known, describes an understanding of freedom so far progressed, so profound, that it cannot be extended or deepened even if it can be lost.

With Sally Sedgwick Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Boston University Robert Stern Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield And Stephen Houlgate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick.



Bildung / Ausbildung / Guter Unterricht

Gute Lehrkräfte braucht jedes Land!
Von Australien aus die Bildungslandschaft und Diskussion in den unsozialen Medien betrachtend komme ich zum Schluss und schreibe auf, worauf es m. E. wirklich ankommt in unseren Schulen. Wenn junge Menschen die Schulen verlassen, sollten sie lesen und schreiben und rechnen können und Denken lernen, höflich und freundlich und hilfsbereit sein und ihr Leben selbst gestalten können. Ob mehr Online oder im Klassenverband mit Anwesenheitspflicht gelernt wird, ist zweitrangig weil zeitbezogen, wie Helmut Schmidt diesen Gedanken abschliessen würde, sowas hat ihn nicht wirklich interessiert. Lernende brauchen Vorbilder. Wenn die jedoch versagen, dann sieht es eher finster aus.
Folglich sind heute neben der fachlichen Kompetenz Beziehungsarbeit und ein sehr hohes Mass an Selbstreflexion sowie klare und regelmaessige etablierte Feedbackverfahren, die sich immer optimieren lassen, von besonderer Bedeutung.
Schule kann ohne Noten oder Zensuren leben, auch in bestimmten Phasen des Lernens, eine Bewertung von Leistungen wird jedoch immer stattfinden. Auch Lehrerleistungen lassen sich beschreiben. Und wenn Lernende ihre Lehrkraefte bewerten duerfen, kann sich daraus eine konstruktive und freundliche Arbeitsbeziehung entwickeln.

Willy Brandt

Symbol der Ostpolitik und Versöhnung in Europa.

Willy Brandt
Gabor Steingart

Kniefall in Warschau Polen | Willy Brandt | Deutschlands Ostpolitik | Jahrestage und Meilenstein ..,

Another 2 weeks lost …


Bei Neuinfektionen von 15 000 diskutiert Deutschland diverse Massnahmen oder lieber doch nicht … bei 5 Fällen schliesst ADL alle Stadtgrenzen! Warum begreifen die verantwortlichen Politiker nicht die Kurve? Keine Vorstellung von Zahlen und Grundlagen der Mathematik! Das Virus wird völlig unterschätzt!

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