Rache ist Blutwurst

Keine Feier ohne Geier.

Das Kraut muss weg.

Blut lecken

Bloody cold

Leck mich …

Was Kinder ohne Schule so lernen, oder der Heimliche Lehrplan:

More here soon | Taster only …

Impfgegner: Ich bin gegen das Impfen.

Klimagegner: Ich bin gegen das Klima.

Klimaleugner: Es gibt kein Klima.

(Beispiel Sprachlabor)

Peter H Bloecker is a retired Linguist and Literature Teacher, American Studies in Bln with 2 State Exams in 1977.






Entwurf eBook | Author Peter H Bloecker | Active Blogger:

Blood pudding, also known as black pudding, is a type of blood sausage that is a traditional delicacy in many parts of the world, particularly in the United Kingdom and Ireland⁶. It’s made from animal blood, typically pig’s blood, which acts as a binder for other ingredients such as oats or barley. This mixture is then encased and cooked, resulting in a rich, savory sausage that’s often served as part of a full breakfast⁷.

Cooking with blood is a practice that dates back centuries and is found in various cuisines globally. Blood can be used as a thickener for sauces, a filler in sausages, and even as a solid ingredient in dishes like blood tofu or blood pancakes¹. It’s known for its nutritional value, providing a source of iron and protein⁶.

Blood sausages are a diverse group of foods, with many regional variations. They can be made with different types of blood and fillers, and they’re enjoyed for their unique flavors and textures. Some common fillers include meat, fat, suet, bread, cornmeal, onion, chestnuts, barley, oatmeal, and buckwheat¹³. In some cultures, sweet variants with sugar, honey, orange peel, and spices are also popular¹³.

The taste of blood pudding and blood sausages can be described as earthy and rich, with a distinct flavor that reflects their main ingredient. They are often enjoyed fried and can be a hearty addition to any meal¹⁴.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at making blood sausage or incorporating blood into your cooking, there are many recipes and variations to explore. It’s a unique ingredient that offers a taste of tradition and a connection to culinary history. Bon appétit! 🍴

Was ist Rache?

Was ist Blutwurst?

Was ist Blutrache?

Cross Cultures and Idioms and More like Languages and Grammar.

The Cognitive Mindset

Author & Blogger

P H Blöcker, StD i.R.


Helmut Schmidt | Ausser Dienst

Retired Not Retarded | Credit phb
Holstein | Kiel und Umgebung | Credit phb

Mit Dank an meine Schwester Gesa Blöcker | Talentierte Zeichnerin

Author: P H Bloecker


More about

Chronik eines typischen Dorfes in Holstein / unweit von Kiel

here soon …

Autor der Dorfchronik: Johann Detlef Blöcker (Mein Vater).

Geboren in Oldenborstel, Holstein am 23 Sep 1924 | Gestorben 29 Feb 2000.

Mein Vater war 1933 bei der Machtübernahme Hitlers 9 Jahre alt.

Kurz vor Kriegsende wurde er als Fahnenjunker schwer verwundet in der Ukraine: Er überlebte den Zweiten Weltkrieg durch diese Verwundung und sehr viel Glück bei Aachen.

2 Jahre POW in Frankreich bis 1947.

More on my Blog under the site JDB.

Will update this soon …


With my wife Maria Ines and our guest from Shanghai | Credit phb
At Marketta Miami Gold Coast | Credit phb
With my Outrigger Mates named Bobs | Burleigh Old Boys | Credit phb
With 2 daughters of my wife Maria Ines from Rio | Credit phb
Marketta Night Markets Miami | Credit phb
With 5 Grandchildren of my Aussie Brazilian Family | Credit phb

My Garden Gold Coast QLD Australia

Visiting Miama Marketta today on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon …


More about my Lazy Sunday Afternoon in Miami QLD OZ here later …

Author | Blogger Peter H Blöcker

Trout Fishing ~ Thank you for Photo ~ Credit phb

Hesse züchtete seine Rosen!

Und schwieg lieber, nachdem er den Nobelpreis erhalten hatte!

Alles gesagt und geschrieben!

Silence Is Golden | Schweigen ist Gold!

Geht mir auch so! Immer mehr …

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My Blog

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I never promised you a Rose Garden!

Music Is The Language!

Here a copy from Bluezones Mails

Not my work, sorry, folks …


Pasted from Mail Bluezones dot com



Bug-Repelling Plants to Grow in Your Garden 

By Lee Park

We do our best to plant the flowers that attract bees and other local pollinators to our yards. But there are times we want to roll up the welcome mat and repel insects, especially mosquitoes. You can do this without using repellents containing chemical ingredients which kill the friendly bugs as well as the nuisances.

It’s not all about citronella​​

There are as many ways to foster natural pest control as there are reasons to repel insects like mosquitoes. These pests are the deadliest creatures on earth, killing about a million people a year. They harbor diseases like Malaria, dengue,West Nile virus (and there are no vaccines or medicines to prevent or treat this virus in people). In most cases, you need look no further than your local garden center. And feel free to think beyond citronella. You can fill your garden with other wonderful scents and colors that you’ll love, but mosquitoes will hate.There are as many ways to foster natural pest control as there are reasons to repel insects like mosquitoes. SHARE ON X

The Desirable Dozen


You’ll find dozens of flowers and plants that can populate your patio or garden space while keeping the mosquito population at bay. Lavender tops the list. It’s a natural bug repellent with a soothing smell (at least to us humans). The scent of lavender deadens a mosquito’s sense of smell, making it harder for you to become its target. Other plants that discourage mosquitoes and other pests from making their home in your yard? Marigolds, catnip, rosemary, and scented geraniums. Bee balm, mint, and sage can add to the wonderful aroma of your garden, but mosquitoes seem to hate them. And of course, there’s the old standby, citronella. You’ll find dozens of flowers and plants that can populate your patio or garden space while keeping the mosquito population at bay. Lavender tops the list. SHARE ON X

Not only do these plants make wonderful bug repellents, but many of these can also be harvested and steeped for Ikarian-inspired herbal teas.Not only do these plants make wonderful bug repellents, but many of these can also be harvested and steeped for Ikarian-inspired herbal teas. SHARE ON X

Essential oils pack a punch


Yes, you can burn a citronella-infused candle to keep bugs away, but there are so many other ways essential oils can keep your backyard bug-free. Freshen your patio cushions with a spritz made of tea tree oil, and clean your grill with lemon oil. Your guests will love the aroma (and the lack of flying intruders – they’re repelled by these scents). You can grill cuttings of thick citronella grass (just for a short time to release the bug-repelling oils). You can also spread a few citronella grass cuttings on walkways. Their natural oils will be released by foot traffic.

Other things to consider

bird bath

It’s not just about what you add to your garden when it comes to organic pest control. It’s what you take away. Regular mowing gets rid of places where pests like to hide. Get rid of sources of standing water where mosquitoes could lay eggs and any food or animal waste that could attract flies and other pests.

Water features are not the enemy

You can still enjoy backyard ponds, pools, and fountains or birdbaths without allowing them to become hosts to mosquito larvae. Stock small ponds with fish that eat the larvae, or aerate water features and use a pump to keep water moving. Mosquitoes only lay eggs in stagnant water. You can also chlorinate pools and hot tubs.  

Get outdoors

Heading outside is a proven stress-reliever. So invite your friends and take advantage of your outdoor space—minus mosquitoes and other pests. All it takes is a little planning and planting. 

Lee Park is a botanist who researches eco-friendly disease and pest control. While he enjoys studying the effects of bugs in his gardens, he wastes no time getting rid of rodents. 

Thank you and Chapeau Lee Park!

Author | Blogger

Peter H Blöcker


Backyard Gold Coast Hinterland | Credit phb
Winter Fire in the Backyard | Credit phb


Sorry you’re feeling blue tonight. 🌙

It’s okay to have those moments. Sometimes, even the brightest days have their shadows. If you’d like, I can share a short poem to lift your spirits:

Whispers of the Night

In the quiet of the night,

When stars paint the sky with light,

Embrace the shadows, let them be,

For they, too, hold a mystery.

The moon, a gentle friend above,

Listens to your heartache, your love.

Its silver glow, a soothing balm,

Guides you through the darkness calm.

Remember, like the night, you'll find,

That even in sadness, there's a kind Of beauty—a quiet strength that grows,

A resilience that only darkness knows.

So let the blue hues softly fade,

As morning's warmth begins to cascade.

Hold on, my friend, for dawn awaits, With hope and promise at its gates.


You may wish to reach out … 🌟 ~ Use the Form, pls …

I will walk in the morning for about 10km and after this walk, I feel very good again and totally energized.

And now I just allow myself to listen to my Blues Records and Streaming and will slightly get tired enough for a long and healthy sleep, as Music Is The Language.

What is a Life without Music?

Best wishes from QLD kindly yours

P H Bloecker

Author & Blogger


Updated on 1st June 2024.

Ice & Cold | Credit phb
True Crime Outback | On the train in 2023 | Credit phb
New on the left (now) and old on the right | Credit phb

What does Time do with us?

My Mother near Hamburg now | born in 1926 | Credit phb
Family Reunited on 22nd Aug 2023 | Credit phb
My Parents at my Home | Building a Fence | Credit phb
My Mum with my Dad | Credit phb

Updated on Sat 1st Jun 2024

More about my Third Life in QLD like Beach WaIking or Hiking …

Author #phb

Listen to Nothing But The Blues



Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

I have decided to keep my desk tidy and neat and clean: And one place in my house, where I can read and relax and think! This is the place where I feel happy in the evening before I go to sleep …

And a daily routine:

What was good today?

What went not so good? Anything I could do or change my atomic habits?

Can I do better tomorrow?

Have I smiled at someone I do not know or hugged my wife or a child? Made a difference?

Any lesson learnt?

Kindly yours from an ex High School Teacher now retired and nearly 75 years old …

Peter H Bloecker and wife Casa Da Vovo Burleigh Gold Coast

Casa Da Vovo Burleigh QLD | Lunch Break |Credit phb
Pacific Ocean and Fishing | Credit phb

Happiness Report 2024

The fascinating world of happiness.

  1. The Harvard Study of Adult Development:
    • One of the longest-running studies on happiness, this project has followed 724 men since they were teenagers in 1938. Approximately 60 men, now in their 90s, are still part of the study.
    • The researchers found that specific traits and behaviors were linked with increased levels of happiness:
    • Take inspiration from this study: Revisit activities that made you happy in your youth. Sing, play games, pursue hobbies—life is short, and happiness awaits!
  2. World Happiness Report 2024:
  3. Science of Happiness:

In a nutshell, happiness is a journey, and it’s within your mindset plus own power to cultivate it.

Have a happy weekend

Author P H Bloecker


With the help of Copilot and MS Word.




What quality do you value most in a friend?

Screenshot prompted by phb DALL.e
View from my deck | Credit phh

Hmmmm …

There are mates and friends.

Reading Max Frisch and his Fragebogen Freundschaft first.

Nachtgedanken #12

Then I wonder …

Freundschaft was a Salute like G’d day mate in the Communist German Democratic Republik.

What is a true friend?

Some say my dog.

Others will call some name or start thinking.

I would think Friends are the rare ones, who really listen to you before they judge you.

Who never try to teach you.

Accept you like you are.

Expect nothing but your friendship.

Hard to find in fact.

My best friends live far away from my Home.

But I can come any time and visit them and stay.

They would not ask, when are you leaving again …

They are happy to see me.

These are my friends, and I count them on the fingers of my left hand.

Fraser Island UTF | Credit phb

From OZ kindly yours

P H Bloecker and wife Maria Ines


Lennon: Music Is The Language


My Website

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Music and Language

Why Music Is The Language

Music #23

Denn ..

Music Is The language

Zaho de Sagazan: Die 24-Jährige begeistere Frankreich mit großen Chansons, elektronischem Pop und überwältigenden Auftritten, schreibt Johanna Adorján (SZ Plus). Ihr Artikel ist nicht nur interessant – er macht auch Lust, sich selbst ein Urteil zu bilden und die gednannte Musik anzuhören: Chanson in Frankreich.

Ob sich die Liebe von Zaho de Sagazan für das deutsche Elektrowunder Kraftwerk auch in ihrer Musik widerspiegelt? Die Frage aller Fragen …


Playlist on Youtube

John Lennon – Never forgotten

There are many Points Of View



Camera Eye

Looking at John Lennon‘s guitar the collector said:

Let us make a deal …


One of my best German Friends | Credit phb
UTF Dog Lover | Credit phb
My best Friend UTF in Germany reading Jahrestage UJG in Rostock | Credit phb
My Outrigger Friends in Burleigh QLD Bobs | Credit phb
Reading Biography Musk at present | Credit phb ~ Mobbed by father and mates in Joburg.
Books | Credit phb

Coming home

Who would you like to talk to soon?

My mother and my two sisters in Northern Germany and my son and grandson and my best friends .. just booked my annual flight to the True North of Germany, between Baltic and North Sea and Hamburg and Denmark. Nothing like Homecomings once per year .. if possible.

From Gold Coast in QLD with our best wishes and kind regards


Peter and Maria Ines


Update on Fri at 15:52 Local Time

24 May 2024

My Mother now 97 | Credit phb
Perfect Winter Sun now without the Bamboo Screen | Credit phb

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