Wild Flowers and Native Shrubbs in your home garden instead of invasive Bamboo …

We will get there, folllwing a European Trend with biodiversity and insects and more …


My fight with the invasive bamboo in my Gold Coast Garden.

Documented in my Third Life at the Gold Coast, where I permanently retired in August 2015 after decades of High School Teaching in Germany Berlin, Lower Saxony, Namibia and Queensland in the function of the German Language Adviser of Education QLD and Goethe – Institut Australia (from 1998 until 2005).

Retired, but not retarded … (Thank you Arno A Evers, for your friendship and sharing your experience and knowledge with me)!

We both will get there, one day – for sure!

My fight with invasive Bamboo at the Gold Coast and why Australia is so extreme with invasive animals like rabbits and plants: Not even apples in your hand luggage at the Brisbane Airport Control!

Why so extreme?

The answer is roots …

Das Uebel an der Wurzel packen gleich radikal …

Mark Knopfler explains, why Music Is His Language!

BBC Breakfast April 2024


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Maria Ines: Love Of My Life at Fingal Heads NSW | Credit phb
Invasive Bamboo | Credit phb
Invasive Bamboo | Credit phb

From my Blog …

My Third Life in Australia – Retired, but not tired! (Follow my friend Arno, he lives on Samal Island, close to Davao).

How would you improve your community?

As an educator for more than 35 years and now retired at the Gold Coast, my advice is never teach someone.

Just set up conditions, so that people learn on their own and help each other.

There is nothing like Family First, then friends and a good neighbourhood plus community.

And always go local first and for everything, like small business and local Heroes and more …

This is more my Aussie view since 2012 in my Third Life.

More about my childhood and youth (1st life) and 2nd life in the Link


Peter Hanns On The Move …

From the Gold Coast in Australia

Kindly yours

Peter H Blocker


Burleigh Beach | Credit phb
High Rise Constructions Burleigh Head | Credit phb
Tweed Marina | Credit phb
Tweed Marina | Credit phb
Tweed Marina | Credit phb

Understanding Franz Kafka via SZ App


Ceterum Censeo No #1 – Berufswahl und mehr …

Du willst Lehrer werden? Warum nicht?

Hier eine Webseite, die dir vielleicht weiterhelfen wird, deine Entscheidung zu treffen, aber bitte informed …

Lehrerleben – Ist der Beruf Lehrkraft zu empfehlen?


Mein Lehrerleben (1977 bis 2015) – Author Peter H Bloecker

Von Berlin und Nds Raum LG und DAN / Elbe bis nach Namibia und Australien (Auslandslehrkraft und Fachberater des Goethe – Institits Australien).

Last Update on Thu 25 Apr 2024.

Credit phb

Mein Kampf mit dem Bambus im Garten!

New Kitchen Window View after cutting down the Bamboo | Credit phb on Sat 27 Apr 2024
Life Savers carved in wood | Seen at Kingscliff NSW | Credit phb
Invasive Bamboo neighbour right | Invasive Banboo neighbour left | Es werde Licht, sprach der Krieger. Credit phb
Neighbourhood left side of garden, facing south east | house is rather new, the knocked down house was 5 m away from my fence | Credit phb

Last update Mon 29 Apr 2024 at 11:16 am

Invasive Bamboo | Credit phb
Bamboo Roots | Credit phb
The final Battle | Credit phb
Klarer Blick plus Wintersonne | Credit phb on 15 May 2024
Die letzte Schlacht am letzten Tag | Credit phb

Updated after 2 weeks of hard work on 15 May 2015 by Author phb


Retired in QLD Australia since Aug 2015

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