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About teaching and learning / My life as a teacher /

My father, who worked as a Primary Teacher and Deputy Principal said to me when in Brisbane and 3 months before his death:


Never teach people, you are there to educate them, and they have to learn on their own.


Never be unfriendly to your students and their parents, because they are your clients, and you are their role model.


Never beat your children, because they are most vulnerable: You will damage their soul for ever.


Never lose control in front of your students, rather leave the room.


Never lose your patience with your students, as they do not know any better.


Never interrupt your students while they are speaking.


Never lose your sense of humour, because education must be fun and funny as well.


Never get stressed, rather keep breathing or get some fresh air.


Never get bored while teaching, if you do, something is wrong, and it is not their fault.


Observe, do not judge.


Expect nothing and you will achieve a lot.


In a nutshell: Get to know your students, and guide their learning in response to their individual needs.

Best yours

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This is just a list of options and examples – most questions can be answered by a solid Google Search on your own! However some people living in Europe or in Germany might have some problems with their English or simply do not have the time to find out for themselves. (So you might ask your question in GERMAN, my mother tongue).
LAST and not LEAST: There are no costs asking your questions, however costs might apply in case I need to spend a lot of time. I have a lot of contacts and friends in Australia and believe a German / European network with access to existing networks like Facebook Groups might help a lot.

You wish to know more about working in Australia, for instance as a vet or doctor having studied medicine in Germany?
You wish your children to spend a year in an Australian High School in Queensland or at the Gold Coast?
You wish to buy a unit for your children because they will study at the Bond Uni or at Griffith?
You wish to find out about long term renting a room / a house / a unit in Queensland like one year?
You wish to travel around Australia with a Van?
You wish to rent a 4WD for a few months or one year?
You wish to get infos about buy – back options in QLD? 4WD with a caravan?
You wish to buy a unit or a house at the Gold Coast for investment? For your retirement?

More about working as a vet in Australia


You wish to know more about country life in Queensland or Australia?


The Country Lifestyle in Australia is best explored by iconic R M Williams and their Lifestyle LOGO – Link with their website.


Example only: Find your investment property via Stone Real Estate, there are many others around, just contact me via the form.

With my best wishes from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia


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