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Like in my previous Blogs I will publish ideas, examples and short videos to teach you German in everyday situations – Alltagsdeutsch – to survive basic communication.

My students are competent online learners worldwide, some of them are beginning Teachers of German in various countries like USA – Australia and European countries.

My background as a teacher of German and English ESL for many decades in Africa and Australia allows me to draw on experiences and feedback in face to face seminars and online teaching including platforms like UDEMY.

My course MASTER YOUR GERMAN on was published about one year ago and from some feedback I have decided to close the gap between Level A1 / A2 and Level B1.

How to survive in the north of Germany with a few words only …

To give you an example of authentic and REAL GERMAN in SITUATIONS here the shortest dialogue I came across in a typical German village in the north, not too far from Denmark:

Moin… (good morning)

Moin… (good morning)

Schuhe fertig? – (Have you finished my pair of shoes?)

Moin! … (Not really – will be done by tomorrow.)

Ok, moin … (Ok for me – so I will be back tomorrow.)

Moin! … (Bye for now.)

Moin … (Good bye.)

This example goes to show: You only need to speak one word here, which is MOIN (meaning much more than good morning or good day in this area and this context).

In Hamburg Moin is very common, and you will be considered being German when meeting people you do not know and have not met before.

If you say moin moin – they might believe you are talking too much

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