St Bernard‘s Hotel Tamborine Mtn Gold Coast

Greetings from  Tamborine Mountain at 13:58, now. Friday 9 Feb 2024
Built in 1911 and one of the hot spots with magnificent views | credit phb
The Old Pub built 1911 is next door and 3 Cottages are for rent as well, however Luxury Accommodation and expensive! Video Linked The Old Pub’s Website Weddings & Functions Three Luxury Cottages are for rent next door / Different Business / Call the Reception for information. You may start with the cheaper Motel first – via Booking dot com. Linked To the best of my knowledge kindly yours from the Gold Coast of Queensland View on Google Maps Linked Peter H Bloecker Updated Fri 9 Feb 2024
Credit phb
Maria Ines 19 years old | Credit phb
Burleigh Surf Club on a Friday night | Credit phb

Trump & US Court

„Insurrection, rioting, and civil unrest are all forms of violent or disruptive behavior, but they differ in their scale, intent, and context.

Insurrection refers to a violent uprising against an established authority, usually with the aim of overthrowing the government or disrupting its operations. Insurrection often involves armed conflict, and those involved may seek to seize control of key institutions such as government buildings or military installations.

Rioting refers to a violent disturbance in public places, often involving a large group of people. Riots may be sparked by a variety of factors, including social or political grievances, economic inequality, or a perception of injustice. Rioters may engage in looting, vandalism, arson, or physical attacks on individuals or property.

Civil unrest is a broader term that refers to a range of non-violent and violent actions that express dissatisfaction with the status quo or seek to bring about change. Civil unrest can take many forms, including protests, demonstrations, strikes, boycotts, and acts of civil disobedience. While civil unrest may sometimes escalate into violence, it can also be a peaceful means of expressing dissent and effecting change.

In summary, insurrection involves a violent attempt to overthrow an established authority, rioting involves violent disturbances in public places, and civil unrest encompasses a range of non-violent and violent actions aimed at expressing dissatisfaction or effecting change.“

More here soon: Can Trump be stopped before the US elections?

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