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Great weekend with my sister Antje in Rerik Baltic Sea

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Rollmops | Pickled Herring

Rollmops are a traditional appetizer from Berlin, Germany, consisting of pickled herring fillets that are rolled around ingredients such as gherkins, onion rings, or green olives¹². They are usually eaten cold, on their own or with bread, and are often served as part of a hangover breakfast². Rollmops are a way to preserve and transport fish, especially during meatless periods like Lent². They became popular in the 19th century, when the railway network allowed the herring from the North and Baltic seas to reach the interior of Germany².

Rollmops are considered a culinary experience by some people, who enjoy the tangy and salty flavor of the pickled fish and the crunchy texture of the vegetables. They are also a part of the German cultural heritage, as they reflect the history and geography of the country. Rollmops can be found in many supermarkets, delis, and pubs in Germany, as well as in other countries like England and Poland¹². Some people like to make their own rollmops at home, using fresh or frozen herring and their preferred fillings and seasonings³⁴..

Source: Conversation with Bing, 08/01/2024
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