Sorry you’re feeling blue tonight. 🌙

It’s okay to have those moments. Sometimes, even the brightest days have their shadows. If you’d like, I can share a short poem to lift your spirits:

Whispers of the Night

In the quiet of the night,

When stars paint the sky with light,

Embrace the shadows, let them be,

For they, too, hold a mystery.

The moon, a gentle friend above,

Listens to your heartache, your love.

Its silver glow, a soothing balm,

Guides you through the darkness calm.

Remember, like the night, you'll find,

That even in sadness, there's a kind Of beauty—a quiet strength that grows,

A resilience that only darkness knows.

So let the blue hues softly fade,

As morning's warmth begins to cascade.

Hold on, my friend, for dawn awaits, With hope and promise at its gates.


You may wish to reach out … 🌟 ~ Use the Form, pls …

I will walk in the morning for about 10km and after this walk, I feel very good again and totally energized.

And now I just allow myself to listen to my Blues Records and Streaming and will slightly get tired enough for a long and healthy sleep, as Music Is The Language.

What is a Life without Music?

Best wishes from QLD kindly yours

P H Bloecker

Author & Blogger


Updated on 1st June 2024.

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Updated on Sat 1st Jun 2024

More about my Third Life in QLD like Beach WaIking or Hiking …

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