Rache ist Blutwurst

Keine Feier ohne Geier.

Das Kraut muss weg.

Blut lecken

Bloody cold

Leck mich …

Was Kinder ohne Schule so lernen, oder der Heimliche Lehrplan:

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Impfgegner: Ich bin gegen das Impfen.

Klimagegner: Ich bin gegen das Klima.

Klimaleugner: Es gibt kein Klima.

(Beispiel Sprachlabor)

Peter H Bloecker is a retired Linguist and Literature Teacher, American Studies in Bln with 2 State Exams in 1977.






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Blood pudding, also known as black pudding, is a type of blood sausage that is a traditional delicacy in many parts of the world, particularly in the United Kingdom and Ireland⁶. It’s made from animal blood, typically pig’s blood, which acts as a binder for other ingredients such as oats or barley. This mixture is then encased and cooked, resulting in a rich, savory sausage that’s often served as part of a full breakfast⁷.

Cooking with blood is a practice that dates back centuries and is found in various cuisines globally. Blood can be used as a thickener for sauces, a filler in sausages, and even as a solid ingredient in dishes like blood tofu or blood pancakes¹. It’s known for its nutritional value, providing a source of iron and protein⁶.

Blood sausages are a diverse group of foods, with many regional variations. They can be made with different types of blood and fillers, and they’re enjoyed for their unique flavors and textures. Some common fillers include meat, fat, suet, bread, cornmeal, onion, chestnuts, barley, oatmeal, and buckwheat¹³. In some cultures, sweet variants with sugar, honey, orange peel, and spices are also popular¹³.

The taste of blood pudding and blood sausages can be described as earthy and rich, with a distinct flavor that reflects their main ingredient. They are often enjoyed fried and can be a hearty addition to any meal¹⁴.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at making blood sausage or incorporating blood into your cooking, there are many recipes and variations to explore. It’s a unique ingredient that offers a taste of tradition and a connection to culinary history. Bon appétit! 🍴

Was ist Rache?

Was ist Blutwurst?

Was ist Blutrache?

Cross Cultures and Idioms and More like Languages and Grammar.

The Cognitive Mindset

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P H Blöcker, StD i.R.


Helmut Schmidt | Ausser Dienst

Retired Not Retarded | Credit phb
Holstein | Kiel und Umgebung | Credit phb

Mit Dank an meine Schwester Gesa Blöcker | Talentierte Zeichnerin

Author: P H Bloecker


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Chronik eines typischen Dorfes in Holstein / unweit von Kiel

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Autor der Dorfchronik: Johann Detlef Blöcker (Mein Vater).

Geboren in Oldenborstel, Holstein am 23 Sep 1924 | Gestorben 29 Feb 2000.

Mein Vater war 1933 bei der Machtübernahme Hitlers 9 Jahre alt.

Kurz vor Kriegsende wurde er als Fahnenjunker schwer verwundet in der Ukraine: Er überlebte den Zweiten Weltkrieg durch diese Verwundung und sehr viel Glück bei Aachen.

2 Jahre POW in Frankreich bis 1947.

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With my wife Maria Ines and our guest from Shanghai | Credit phb
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